At AI inside, we have members from a wide age range of their 20s to 50s, various nationalities, and backgrounds. We are all in an equal position and value each other’s ideas, and in such a diverse organization, we have three values called “AI inside Rules of Innovation.” In this article, we will introduce each of these values one by one.

User First

Without users, services cannot exist.
Are you thinking from the user’s point of view?

With the user-first policy, we value the voices of our users above anything else. We work to return their voices to our products and services…

AI inside, a provider of an AI platform, has been expanding the company’s size rapidly over the past few years. In 2019 there were only around 50 members, including partners, but we have now increased to about 180 members. We are still looking for new members to join our team to grow further and realize our vision. In this article, our HR staff answered some of the most frequently asked questions from the engineer candidates, among many of the questions received during the hiring process.

On August 5th, AI inside celebrated its sixth year since its founding, and we have now started with our seventh year. Especially this year, we have continued to undergo significant progress such as the announcement of the “Learning Center,” the AI development service without code in April, the increase in employees, along the change in the organizational system.

In such an environment, we held the Quarterly All Hands Meeting to share AI inside’s vision and roadmap to employees once more.

“Quarterly All Hands Meeting,” where the C-level executives share the company strategies

At AI inside, we have a variety of purpose-driven communication opportunities, and the main one is the company-wide meeting held…

Many companies are offering a wide variety of software services with AI to improve business efficiency. In such situations, we have summarized the key points for integrating AI services into the fieldwork as soon as possible and making them practical, based on the implementation cases of our AI-OCR “DX Suite.”

Trial for “DX Suite” to digitize form information

“DX Suite,” which is one of the services AI inside provides, is an application that converts forms into digital data. It’s equipped with in-house developed character recognition AI-OCR “Intelligent OCR” and ”Elastic Sorter,” a function that sorts large volumes of forms into the same format. …

At AI inside, we have internal study sessions regularly. Most of the sessions held are planned and conducted by our employees voluntarily, taking into account the company’s situation and initiatives and considering what should be shared at that moment. In this article, we share details of some of our study sessions.

Study sessions were held more than ten times in three months

AI inside’s internal study sessions cover various topics, from training on management and law, briefings to better understand new services or functions when released, and knowledge sharing on techniques and businesses.

The sessions have been held over ten times in the past three months, and sometimes it’s conducted as…

Hello, this is Yoneyama of the AI inside Design Team. In April of this year, I joined the design team which was introduced in the last article “How I Built a Design Team in Remote Work Environment as a First Designer.” It’s my first time officially having the job title as a UX designer, even though it goes along with some of my previous experiences. …

Hello, this is Hosaka of AI inside design team, and the Chief Experience Officer of the company.

As I briefly mentioned in my previous introduction article, our AI inside design team was established in May 2020. Thus, we have expanded to a team of nine members in about just one year (including outsourcing and part-time employees as of July 2021.)

It was around fall of 2019 when I officially joined AI inside. I joined as the first designer and ran the design business by myself for about six months, but it was impossible to handle everything by just myself. So…

At AI inside, we are adopting the unit system to increase mobility as a flat organization, and we currently have more than 30 units working together daily to expand our business. On the R&D side, we have units in charge of our product development, such as “DX Suite” and “Learning Center,” but we also have the “Analytics Unit,” which specializes in analytics and generates the subsequent actions from data analysis while working across the company.

This unit plays an essential role in the continuous growth of our organization with data. …

Hello, this is AI inside Design.
(This is Hosaka writing this article today. I joined this company as the first designer, and I’m currently overseeing the design team.)

AI inside develops and provides products utilizing AI technology with the mission “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society.”

In recent years, more and more companies started to implement digital tools to improve productivity. One of the key features of the “Learning Center” provided by AI inside is that people in charge of the site can create AI themselves with their best knowledge and understanding. With this, companies can implement AI best matching their business issues.

However, is it possible for someone without expert knowledge or experience in programming to create AI for resolving business issues? How can it be included in the operation? In this article, we use the development example of AI by Dai Nippon Printing Co…

AI inside Inc.

This is the official account of AI inside Inc.

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