Why I joined AI inside and what I want to challenge

At AI inside, new members are currently joining one after another. Today, we will share reasons why our members chose to join, and what they want to accomplish here.

These are taken from the self-introduction sheets, which the newcomers fill in and share company-wide once they join.

Take a look at what exactly our employees show interest in among the many elements that AI inside has, such as company vision, environment, and people.

Shared our Company Vision

AI inside aims to realize the vision of “AI inside X,” where AI is integrated into various environments. We chose the words of the members who joined because they sympathized with the vision of “AI inside X.”

Because I felt that the goal “to become an AI platform!” is a high-level vision.

I agreed with “AI inside X.”

I was attracted by the fact that the company is trying to realize our future-oriented vision of “what would be better,” by designing the market itself.

In this article about our internal webinar ”AI inside Talk,” we are sharing our company vision and strategy, so please take a look.

Attracted to the business and its future potential

Aside from the vision, some joined us because of the business, future growth of the company, and future potential.

The employees are young, and the company is very active in its growth phase.

I wanted to “make a good company” here, not “work at a good company.”

I felt the potential for growth and the atmosphere of everyone at the company is good!

The atmosphere seems to suit me. I felt a future in the technology, products, and people working here.

I was attracted by the company’s past development and future business development.

- To be a part of creating the AI society that will become commonplace in the future.

- For a business that can change the world for the better!

- I really agreed with the “Cyclical Synergy.”

I wanted to work for a company that focuses on AI (especially deep learning) as its main business.

I wanted to work for a company that mainly develops its own products.

I wanted to work for a company where I could challenge various things in the deep learning field.

Many people joined AI inside because they empathized with the idea of a business for society and the world. It’s clear that one of the reasons they joined AI inside is the desire to make AI more accessible to the world.

Attracted to the company’s organizational structure, environment, and people

Some people join us because they thought the company attractive as an organization, including its structure, speed, responsibility, atmosphere, and people.

Because I thought this was a place where I could realize my dreams.

(1) The company pursues the highest level of customer satisfaction.

(2) The CEO has been passionate about research for many years and can create disruptive innovations.

(3) The company’s management system is said to be bottom-up, and I thought it would be easy to make improvements and innovations.

I thought it was a company that I could work hard for.

There are many reasons but most of all, I wanted to work with the people at AI inside.

From those that I met during the interviews, I felt the passion to build a business and company, and I thought I wanted to work with them.

I was genuinely interested in hearing more from Mr. Toguchi.

To work in the growing field

Some people joined us because they were interested in the field of AI.

I wanted to work in the field of technology that will expand in the future.

I joined the company because I wanted to design in AI, a field that’s likely to expand in the future.

What I want to challenge at AI inside

There are various reasons for joining our company, but many people join us because they thought they could do something they want to challenge themselves with.

To overlook from the customer journey point of view, and seamlessly connect the effort of each department to provide an experience that exceeds customer expectations.

To actively engage in cross-divisional initiatives.

Incorporate AI inside’s philosophy, vision, and mission into all sorts of output.

To create products that blend into everyday life, making AI feel more familiar and natural.

To make this company a place where people will say, “Wow, you work at AI inside? Cool!”

Product management and delivery.

- To plan and design AI products with me as the leader.

- To provide the product to the world and deliver it to many customers.

- I want my products to contribute to significant changes in companies and individuals.

- I want someone who uses my product to feel relieved.

I want to support workers by expanding the use of AI.

I want to support workers so that they can exercise their creativity.

I want to explore how people can be active in the future.

To become the face of CS!

To become the face of AI inside!

The reasons why our employees joined our company, and the challenges they want to take on vary depending on the position and the work, but hopefully, this article has given you some idea of what our employees have in mind.

Please come find more attractions of AI inside yourselves at our interviews!

Contact for Recruitment :
AI inside Inc.(https://inside.ai/en/career/)
People Relations Unit E-mail:hr@inside.ai



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