What’s AI inside’s employee referral program like?

Employee who referred his friend: Kawamura (middle)
Joined AI inside in July 2021 after experiencing various jobs: advertisement sales, business planning, the launch of a joint venture, management planning, and managing a new business. He now belongs to AI inside’s Global Sales Unit, responsible for the launch and expansion of overseas business.

Referred employee: Tanaka (right)
After working for a job advertising agency and web marketing company, he has worked as a freelancer for about a year in a wide range of corporate support such as advertisement management, SEO, marketing plan and execution for lead acquisition, Youtube production, and so on. After joining AI inside in April 2022, he now works on all aspects of web marketing and contributes to business expansion in the Marketing Operation Unit.

Interviewer: Kato (left)
Joined AI inside in April 2021. He was attracted to the worldview of AI inside and decided to join the company as HR with a desire to create the best organization in the world. He is currently in charge of recruitment-related work in the People Relations Unit.

Told him he should come because I found AI inside interesting

Q: Tanaka-san joined AI inside via referral from Kawamura-san. How do you two know each other?

Kawamura: Tanaka and I have been good friends since university. We still see each other once a month, and we enjoy discussing our careers and finding new jobs. That’s why I knew he was doing well as a freelancer for a year but was seeking a job at a company to advance his career. Our company was hiring for marketing positions at that time, too I decided to refer him for the job.

Tanaka: It was really good timing. Just when I was rethinking my career, he offered me the job.

Q: Indeed, timing is essential. So Kawamura-san, what did you have in mind when introducing Tanaka-san as a candidate?

Kawamura: I believe that there must be a benefit for both the candidate and the company, mainly because changing jobs could be an important decision that affects the candidate’s life. Tanaka was easy to refer because he had proven success as a freelance marketer, and AI inside also needed to hire someone with professional marketing skills at that time.

Q: How did you explain your experience working for AI inside?

Kawamura: I recommended Tanaka to join, explaining how exciting it was to work here. The reason why I joined AI inside was that I was attracted by the fact that the company was continuing to take on unprecedented challenges. We are moving forward with innovative business with speed: not only are we one of the few companies in Japan that have succeeded in the commercialization of AI and have begun overseas expansion at an early stage as an AI SaaS company, but we are also committed to democratizing AI and making it available to everyone.

Tanaka: Kawamura was being entirely honest and explained to me both good and bad points about the company. For example, he told me that although AI inside is publicly listed, they are still trying new things to become even better, which sometimes leads to confusion among the members. I was glad to hear his opinion, and it was helpful to get as much information as possible before deciding to join.

Kawamura: As a growing company, we do have issues, so I wanted Tanaka to know about them before his decision. I guess Tanaka took my opinion positively.


Q: Can you tell us how the referral and selection process went?

Kawamura: All I had to do was tell a friend about AI inside and contact our HR once the friend showed interest in joining the company so they could go on with the selection process. If I want to invite a friend for lunch or dinner to introduce AI inside, the company pays up to 5,000 yen for the meal, which makes the introduction even more effortless.

Just to be sure, it was not just the program itself that motivated me to refer a friend. It’s also because I enjoy working here, and I wanted to share the experience with someone close. I think it’s similar to how NPS (Net Promoter Score) works- the more you’re satisfied with the job, the more likely you’ll refer someone.

It was good to know a lot about the company before actually joining

Q: So Tanaka-san, what were the deciding factors for you to join the company?

Tanaka: AI inside provides an AI platform, and they are challenging to become one of the top companies in the world. I haven’t seen so many companies with such high goals, and I wanted to accomplish great things with the company. Before, my image of AI was that it was something futuristic and it could do anything. Now, I believe AI will help me experience a whole new world and even broaden my career.

Also, I thought it would be easier to see how much business contribution I make through my day-to-day work. After Kawamura shared with me the job at AI inside, I heard that they had resources and assets enough to support the members’ challenges, which is rare for a young company like them.


Q: Were there any difficulties in joining a company your friend already works for? How was it after joining?

Tanaka: There were no difficulties. It was more of an advantage to have a friend who already worked at AI inside. I got to know a lot about the company before joining, and that made it easier for me to take the job. I think that usually when you first join a company, you have a lot of questions, but you don’t know who to ask. In my case, I could simply ask Kawamura. He also introduced me to his colleagues, which made me feel even more comfortable working.

Q: The results of the selection process may not always be a good one. Did you have any concerns, such as a strained relationship with Kawamura-san, in case you were not selected?

Tanaka: Not at all. I thought it was all my own responsibility even if I failed in the selection process or if I suffered from the gap between what I thought the job would be like and what I do at work.

Kawamura: I knew that the company would pay up to 5,000 yen for the meal as a part of the employee referral program in case Tanaka was not selected and if I wanted to follow up over lunch or dinner. It was great to know that I didn’t have to do so!

Kato: We are glad you joined AI inside, Tanaka-san, and thank you for joining the interview!

HR Kato’s comment on the interview

Our employee referral program lets each company member “participate in building the organization and team,” no matter what position the member is in. Hiring the right people is not something that can be achieved by HR alone; it requires the cooperation of everyone who works at AI inside.

No one understands the job description and job satisfaction of the hiring position better than anyone else, and no one can talk about it more passionately than the people that are working there.

Recruitment is the most exciting job of “building the organization and team.” I would be happy if the employee referral program provided an opportunity for as many members as possible to be at the forefront of the hiring process, to think about organization building and team building, and to think about the future of AI inside.

At AI inside, we are still looking for people serious about becoming the global №1. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!



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