What to Read to Learn More about AI inside — for Candidates

Thank you for taking interest in AI inside. This article has content to understand more about us. We have prepared this in the hope that candidates who will attend our interviews in the future can use it to make the interview a more meaningful time for them.

Business of AI inside

  1. Career page

You can find details of our company, business, future policy, organization, and benefits in the slides embedded on our website below.

2. Investor presentation document

Please see here for our investor presentation document for the current financial results of AI inside.

3. About our products

We have summarized articles to do with our products and ways to utilize them here.

4. The future of AI inside

In August 2021, we held our first “Quarterly All Hands Meeting” which is a place to share the company strategy with the employees systematically, and our management shared the future plan for the next three years. Please check the following article for the message delivered there.

*Some contents may be similar to the ones in the investor presentation documents and others, but please take a look.

Culture of AI inside

We have several articles focusing on our company culture and what we value. You can learn about our members and more about our company through these contents.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

AI inside’s open positions (English at the bottom)

Contact for Recruitment :
AI inside Inc.(https://inside.ai/en/career/)
People Relations Unit E-mail:hr@inside.ai



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