What is the Mindset that Matches the Development Field of AI inside?

AI inside, a provider of an AI platform, has been expanding the company’s size rapidly over the past few years. In 2019 there were only around 50 members, including partners, but we have now increased to about 180 members. We are still looking for new members to join our team to grow further and realize our vision. In this article, our HR staff answered some of the most frequently asked questions from the engineer candidates, among many of the questions received during the hiring process.

Joined AI inside in April 2021. In the past, he has experience with the launching of services, planning and managing communities, and providing career support for engineers. He was drawn to the world view that AI inside aims to achieve and decided to join as HR staff to create the best organization in the world. He is currently in charge of recruitment as a member of the People Relations Unit.

Environment to challenge on latest technologies

— What kind of questions do you often receive from engineer candidates?

Of course, we received many questions related to technology, such as our tech stack, but we also often receive questions related to our people, which is difficult to find out in advance. Some example questions are about the co-workers they will work with, our organization structure, the company culture of R&D, and the type of members we are looking for.

— I’d like to know more about them. First, please tell us about your tech stack.

The main tech stacks are in each job description, but I want to share that we are challenging ourselves with the latest technology, and we have an environment that accepts those challenges. We take in the latest and most modern technologies and we are actively adopting new ways of thinking. For example, Kubernetes and Docker for container technology and Microservices for architecture.

AI inside’s tech stack

Facing issues positively with a challenging spirit

— Please tell us about your development culture.

These are the three main words that we keep in mind every day at the development site.

Challenge (Start-up Spirit)

Education, Communication, and Work Session

Follow up

The first one, “Challenge (Start-up Spirit),” means we have a busy environment since we are a start-up company, but we are working with the spirit of challenge. We value ownership that allows us to take on challenges without fear of failure, pick up the ball on our own, and work proactively.

The second one, “Education, Communication, and Work Session,” means that we value communication. If there is anything the members are worried about, we will support them as a team. To make communication easier while working remotely, we set up a place online for each product team to come and talk at any time, apart from the regular daily meetings.

The third “Follow up” is the importance we place on supporting and following up on each other as a team, even as we take on the challenge of complex technologies. I think that this “follow” is in line with our company’s goal of creating collaboration through the unit system.

Thanks to this deeply rooted culture, I hear many positive opinions about the development department from our engineers. Some told us “this development team culture is easy to work in” “this culture makes it easy to raise my hand about things I want to try,” “I can easily ask the people around me about things I don’t understand,” and “we can work on the same issues together.”

— What kind of people are working in such a culture?

Of course, they all share the same passion for technology, but I get the impression that many of our members have a strong attachment to the product and focus on what they “can do” with technology.

I think there are two types of engineers: those who are like researchers who just want to get to the bottom of technology and those who wish to think about what they want to do using technology as a tool. From this point of view, I believe that many people have a clear sense of purpose for what they want to do, such as creating a world-class AI platform or making a social impact through product development.

In addition, I can say that everyone, not only in the development department, is very eager for self-growth. Each member proactively input information daily and are willing to learn from the people they work with. I think that many of them have the mindset to challenge themselves positively and boldly to achieve the big goals of Mission and Vision and to challenge themselves using their technology.

To get a better idea of the kind of people you will be working with, please check out this article which introduces the reasons why our employees joined the company and what they want to challenge.

— What kind of people do you want to be a part of our team?

Of course, we are looking for members who have the technical skills and experience we require. Still, we are also very interested in the cultural fit and mindset. So I hope they can relate to what I have just shared.

We are also aiming to become the world’s №1 company, and the process of getting there will not be easy. I believe there will be many obstacles to overcome. Therefore, I think people who can naturally make actions with the mind of our behavior guidelines, “Rules of Innovation,” would be a good fit for our company instead of those who cannot.

An example of people who would be a good match for our company is the ones with the mindset to think of the essential issue when they face challenges, or the ones who can think of ways to overcome problems instead of finding reasons why they cannot do. This is a characteristic of our engineers and our other members who are successful in our company.

It would be a pleasure to talk with those who can relate to this culture and environment.

In this article, we asked our HR staff the questions often asked by our engineer candidates. HR and development members are always available for online interviews, so if you are interested, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

AI inside career page: https://inside.ai/en/career/
Open Positions (English positions at the bottom): https://herp.careers/v1/aiinside




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This is the official account of AI inside Inc.

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