The Role of Analytics in Accelerating Data-Driven Growth

At AI inside, we are adopting the unit system to increase mobility as a flat organization, and we currently have more than 30 units working together daily to expand our business. On the R&D side, we have units in charge of our product development, such as “DX Suite” and “Learning Center,” but we also have the “Analytics Unit,” which specializes in analytics and generates the subsequent actions from data analysis while working across the company.

This unit plays an essential role in the continuous growth of our organization with data. In this article, we have interviewed the members of this unit about their mission, duties, future prospects, and thoughts.

Joined AI inside in December 2019 and is responsible for Big Data and Analytics. Currently working as Vice President of the Analytics Unit.

Joined AI inside in 2020, where he works as a bilingual data analyst in charge of analyzing and visualizing data.

Please tell us about your work and your unit.

Fazle: The Analytics Unit that we belong to was established in October 2020. Analytics is essential for the growth of our company and business. While promoting business by making decisions based on data analysis, rather than making non-data-based judgments, we can help with making correct management decisions and accelerating company growth. I think one of the reasons behind the establishment of the Analytics Unit was that our CEO and the rest of the management team were aware of the importance of analytics and the possibility it could bring to the company.

Kamal: We receive requests such as “I want to utilize the organization’s data” or “I want to understand the current situation and what needs to be improved further.” For these requests, we acquire and analyze data, and then provide the results in form of reports or dashboards. Sometimes the request comes from the sales or marketing units, and the necessary data is with the development units, so we work across the entire company to achieve overall optimization. Also, our work is not limited to specific products or units, so we work with all units that feel the need for data analysis.

Why is analytics important for company growth?

Fazle: Analytics can help understand the current state of our organization based on data analysis and provide data insights to improve organizational growth and productivity. For example, it’s possible to identify and analyze user trends and explain the mechanisms behind the success or failure of the service. It will also help predict possible challenges and problems for the future and take preventive measures in advance to tackle them.

How exactly are you using analytics in the company?

Kamal: One way is to analyze the data and create a dashboard to visualize the numbers for the sales. We’re currently receiving requests for multiple units, and we recently completed a dashboard for the direct sales unit. Before we created the dashboard, the sales numbers were managed in multiple data sources such as spreadsheets, Excel, and CRM tools (customer relationship management), but now insights from various data sources are integrated into a dashboard in Superset*. By integrating and visualizing the numbers, it’s helping our sales unit to manage their daily progress effectively, improve productivity, and plan new sales strategies.

Apart from this, we’re also working on creating a dashboard for the analysis of “Learning Center” website which was released in April. In addition to analyzing the number of views and details that are usually obtained, we also analyze the history of user behavior on the website, to improve the website and its contents. Also, we are planning to work on analyzing the data acquired from the “Learning Center” product. We aim to make full-scale use of the data obtained from our products to improve the functions and to plan sales and marketing strategies.

As you can see, our activities are mainly internal at the moment, but in the future, we hope to provide analytics outside our company as well.

*Superset: Software native application for data retrieval and visualization

What do you pay attention to when using data?

Fazle: It goes without saying that AI inside takes privacy protection very seriously, and we have taken various possible measures in the Analytics Unit to ensure that privacy is properly protected. For example, when analyzing data, we obtain and use only a portion of the data that does not contain sensitive or personal information. When this is not possible, we use other measures such as masking*, encrypting, erasure, and other similar techniques to maintain data privacy and security.

We are also working with our internal audit and IT control staff to manage access to data and conduct external audits. We will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure that privacy control is always our top priority.

*Masking: Anonymize data and protect personal information based on masking rules.

AI inside gives great importance to the protection of user privacy, and we have implemented privacy protection initiatives based on the company policy that “users can control their own data.”

What do you want to challenge as a unit in the future, and what value do you want to provide?

Fazle: Our company has been growing since 2017 with our leading AI-OCR service “DX Suite,” so we are currently seen as a SaaS business, but we will shift to the platform business based on the strategy that we are pursuing.

To do so, we’re planning to build a marketplace in the future, and in this marketplace, we aim for optimal curation and activate the two-sided network of the users and creators of AI. I’d like to take on the challenges of using analytics to make the best possible interaction between the users and the AI, so it will be easier to discover and use the valuable AI solutions by the users.

Kamal: Although the analysis results we provide daily to each unit link to the business growth, I’d like to contribute to the company from a larger perspective, such as undertaking something we have never done before. In order to do so, we will continue to use data analytics to add value to the company on a daily basis, providing more data insights and making proposals that benefit the company and its business.

By focusing on analytics and making the right business decisions, we are moving forward every day to realize our mission “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society.” Please continue to look forward to the growth of AI inside.

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