Points for Using AI Service in the Workplace

Many companies are offering a wide variety of software services with AI to improve business efficiency. In such situations, we have summarized the key points for integrating AI services into the fieldwork as soon as possible and making them practical, based on the implementation cases of our AI-OCR “DX Suite.”

Trial for “DX Suite” to digitize form information

“DX Suite,” which is one of the services AI inside provides, is an application that converts forms into digital data. It’s equipped with in-house developed character recognition AI-OCR “Intelligent OCR” and ”Elastic Sorter,” a function that sorts large volumes of forms into the same format. By automating manual input work, our AI services have been used by many users to improve business efficiency.

AI inside offers two trial plans for “DX Suite” to verify its effectiveness and integration into the workflow before implementation. The “Trial for DX Suite” is designed for customers who want to use it at a reasonable price, with a relatively small volume of documents to read. The “Success Program for DX Suite” is designed for those who want to read a specific volume of documents and need full one-on-one support from our dedicated staff members. Our dedicated staff members realize customer success with suggestions for improving the workflow for continuous use and advice on creating easy-to-read forms.

Points to consider when implementing AI services

The Challenges in using AI services are whether the users can really use it in the actual business and successfully integrate it into the workflow. During the trial period, the following will help integrate AI services into the business flow more quickly.

  1. Involve not only employees from the IT department or in charge of DX promotion but also the employee in charge of the actual workflow
  2. Make sure to understand if the system needs to be linked to other systems, and the before and after processes
  3. When linking the system with other systems such as RPA, check between the three companies

For (1), it is important for the workers to actually use the system and organize it with the business flow before and after. It also makes it easier to figure out which tasks have the highest priority.

In (2), the key is to understand the process before and after the task that you want to automate with “DX Suite.” In the process before using the system, we check the type of format or forms to read. In the post-process, we review how to use converted data by “DX Suite.” Many users utilize it by linking RPA, so it’s needed to understand what requirements (items, order, etc.) should be output by CSV.

In (3), When our user wants to link “DX Suite” with other services such as RPA, they can confirm the linkage method at a meeting where each company’s support members participate. By communicating with the other companies, we can understand what the other service can and cannot do, leading to smooth linkage.

Consultative role in solving business issues for customer success

We receive various inquiries from our users.

  • There are a lot of documents to read
  • I want to connect “DX Suite” to my own system according to my workflow
  • If the check item is not filled in, I want to mark it as an “error”

In our “Success Program for DX Suite” where we provide excellent support, our dedicated staff members sometimes set up the first sheet of forms for our users to read. Our support staff will assist when our users try to set up, but the form is not read correctly.

Also, regular meetings are held about every other week to hear the result of the use of our system and whether the operation has been successful. We will set up the system to make it easier to use, such as to read other types of forms or to link with RPA.

What our customer success team does is not just the support to “master the use of DX Suite.”

As dedicated staff to our users, we accompany them in their business issues, starting from understanding what issue they really want to solve and what the background is, organizing the issues up to implementation, and leading to the solution.

The fact that we can work with our customers to solve their original business issues is critical in the high level of satisfaction from users of the “Success Program for DX Suite.”

Customer’s feedback about the “Success Program for DX Suite”

ALCARE Co., Ltd., a company that develops, manufactures, and sells medical devices, receives many order forms through faxes, which has been an issue for them. After implementing “DX Suite” and using “Success Program for DX Suite,” they provided us with the following feedback.

I was very impressed with the support provided. The replies from them were quick, and the advice was accurate, so it was beneficial to solve problems quickly within the limited time of one month. For example, when I talked to the support staff about the fact that the ruled lines were recognized as characters, the staff member advised me how to skip them, and when I tried it, it recognized only the characters clearly.

Another company that took part in the “Success Program for DX Suite” is POKKA SAPPORO FOOD & BEVERAGE LTD., which manufactures and sells lemons, soups, and other food and beverage businesses in Japan and overseas. When implementing “DX Suite” they involved not only the department that will use the system but also members from sales-related departments joined to have a mutual understanding of the issues.

To implement the Success Program, by reconfirming each other’s issues, we were able to deepen our unity to solve the issues together.


Operations are being reviewed and digitized as DX advances in many companies. If you have a chance to try an AI service, please use the trial and see the effects for yourself. Even if you find it challenging to use the system, once you overcome the first obstacle with the support of the experienced and dedicated staff, you will spend your time on other tasks, which should help solve more problems.

*The “Success Program for DX Suite” currently supports multi-lingual customer success in English, Chinese, and Japanese.




This is the official account of AI inside Inc.

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AI inside Inc.

AI inside Inc.

This is the official account of AI inside Inc.

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