Message of Our Management in All Hands Meeting

On August 5th, AI inside celebrated its sixth year since its founding, and we have now started with our seventh year. Especially this year, we have continued to undergo significant progress such as the announcement of the “Learning Center,” the AI development service without code in April, the increase in employees, along the change in the organizational system.

In such an environment, we held the Quarterly All Hands Meeting to share AI inside’s vision and roadmap to employees once more.

“Quarterly All Hands Meeting,” where the C-level executives share the company strategies

At AI inside, we have a variety of purpose-driven communication opportunities, and the main one is the company-wide meeting held every Monday. Our CEO shares topics about the strategy for a better understanding, and this provides an opportunity to update information and mindset.

In addition to these existing opportunities, the “Quarterly All Hands Meeting” was held to share the company strategy with employees systematically. We are currently adopting the unit system to increase mobility. The purpose of this meeting was to share from the c-level executives how each unit’s activities link to the company’s strategy and the progress and measures to be taken towards the company-wide goal.

Visualize the process towards achieving the vision of the “three-year plan”

During the first “Quarterly All Hands Meeting”, the C-level executives explained the “three-year plan,” which is a roadmap for the fiscal year 2021 to the fiscal year of 2023. This three-year plan was not created by our executives and other members of the management team alone but was also initiated and developed by volunteer members from each unit. This time’s presentation focused on the service part and presented the mid-term vision, goal image to achieve our vision “AI inside X,” and the milestone for the three years.

One of the things repeatedly explained was the concept of “Create, Use, Run.” We have been developing “DX Suite” with the AI-OCR function as our leading service, and now we are providing the “Learning Center” for creating AI and “AI inside Cube” for running AI, which enables our customers to leverage AI more widely. We are also preparing for the full-scale expansion of “Workflows” for using AI in the workflow by combining AI applications created in the “Learning Center” and AI services from other companies.

In addition to these services, we will be developing a marketplace for sharing AI applications, aiming to create a platform where many people can more efficiently utilize AI and benefit from them. This All Hands Meeting became an opportunity for the employees to improve their understanding of how we can contribute to society in the future by seamlessly connecting the services that now seem to be independent and visualizing the overall structure of the significance and what we are aiming for.

Raising the resolution through the Q&A session from employees

After the explanation, employees actively asked about the progress of the projects, questions, and the sense of crisis they feel daily. In addition, in the survey taken after the session, many responded to the survey with comments and opinions, which lead to positive actions, such as “I’d like to have more opportunities for discussions and sharings,” “one hour was not enough” and “I’d like to know where we are at each milestone as a company.” The C-level executives responded with detailed and sincere replies to all comments and questions on the spreadsheet, including what we will work on in the future, what they are considering, and their assumptions. This led to mutual communication and improved the resolution of the three-year plan.

Follow up on essential topics in AI inside Talk

Also, after receiving everyone’s questions and opinions, we held our internal webinar “AI inside Talk” one week after the All Hands. In the beginning, the executives gave a supplementary explanation of All Hands, focusing on what they wanted the participants to understand better. Next, they answered questions from the employees, creating a casual atmosphere and an opportunity for in-depth questions and interactive communication.

The C-level executives talking during AI inside Talk

As our business and organization continue to undergo significant changes, all employees must share the same understanding of “why we do what we do” and “what we need to do.” Through this “Quarterly All Hands Meeting,” the executives shared their vision of what the company is aiming for more concretely, and it allowed each of us to think about what we should do. Please look forward to the further evolution of AI inside in the future.

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AI inside Inc.

AI inside Inc.

This is the official account of AI inside Inc.

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