Hello, we are AI inside Design

Hello, this is AI inside Design.
(This is Hosaka writing this article today. I joined this company as the first designer, and I’m currently overseeing the design team.)

AI inside develops and provides products utilizing AI technology with the mission “to bring AI to every being in the world and contribute to a richer future society.”

AI inside Design is a design team that uses the power of Design to realize a world in which AI is accessible to everyone.

We are a new team that has been up and running for one year, but I wanted to write an article to let more people know what kind of activities and work the designers in AI companies are working on daily.

This is our first article, so I’d like to take this time to share who we are and what we’d like to share in the future.

The Design Team at AI inside

For those who would like to know more about AI inside, please see this document.

AI inside established the design team in May 2020. In just one year, we have expanded to a team of nine members(including outsourcing and part-time employees, as of June 2021.) My team is very diverse in terms of background, nationality, and hometown.

We are responsible for the following three major fields of design.

Vision Design
Draw future user experiences based on the company’s vision, and bring the outline of the future to life through prototyping.

Product Design
Design digital products provided by AI inside, such as “DX Suite” and “Learning Center” (from user research to requirement definition and UI design)

Communication Design
Design all communication at the touchpoints with AI inside stakeholders (mainly the visual communication design part.)

What kind of information will we be sharing in the future

To start writing articles, we brainstormed with the team members and wrote our ideas down in miro.

miro board with our ideas

(We voted with the emojis we like, and it’s becoming a habit for our team)
We’re thinking of the following three major themes below for articles from AI inside Design.

1)Design-Driven Initiatives
Our CEO, Toguchi, often says that we should promote our business in a “design-driven” manner, and we are working closely with him on various projects. We will be sharing about specific measures and initiatives that we are taking.

2) Team Building
As introduced in the beginning, our team was established in May 2020 during the remote work situation in the pandemic, and we have grown to a team of nine members in just one year. We are also welcoming new members every month as a company, so we want to share how we worked as a team inside and outside the company to understand each other better.

3)Share design-related learning
To realize the AI platform strategy (more details to be shared sometimes else), we are taking on various challenges as a design team. We will share the know-how that we learned from the challenges.

Of course, we plan to flexibly weave in topics other than those mentioned above as topics come up that we would like to share as a design team.
We will send out regular updates from now on, so please follow us!

Contact for Recruitment :
AI inside Inc.(https://inside.ai/en/career/)
People Relations Unit E-mail:hr@inside.ai



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