From “AI SaaS” to “AI Platform”

Sneak Peek of our Media Briefing Session

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4 min readApr 14, 2022


In February 2022, we held a briefing session for the media. In this article, we share a portion of the conference transcript, which includes the background of this initiative, and what our CEO, Toguchi, explained.

A place to share the business progress and strategies

We communicate daily with the media through press releases; however, for the media to better understand our company, we decided to hold a virtual media roundtable where the press could talk directly with our CEO.

We introduced information on product updates, alliances, use cases, and strategies during this press conference.

The theme of our conference centered around this single message: “From AI SaaS to an AI platform.” The term “AI platform” clarifies AI inside’s position. We aim to shift our business model from providing AI-integrated services (otherwise known as AI SaaS) to providing an AI platform that serves as the infrastructure for our society.

Additionally, we allocated time to communicate with the journalists following Toguchi’s presentation and Q&A session. We wanted to dialog from multiple perspectives about the directions that business and society are moving, which was not limited to AI inside’s services but covered a wide range of topics, including the global GPU shortage and industry trend of AI SaaS.

Keywords used in the discussion

We have transcribed a portion of the conversation held on that day below.

About our AI Platform strategy (Transcript)

The more strategic aspects of our business are heavily informed by what we call “cyclical synergy.”

As you can see from the figure on the right, having an excellent user experience should lead to more users choosing our service. Having more users will produce more data, and by training that data, AI will grow even smarter. This cycle allows us to provide such an excellent user experience, and we aim to create continual lower-cost frameworks by nurturing it.

Cyclical synergy

For example, using a public cloud would be rather expensive, so we continue to build our own data centers, optimize our software, and more. All of this leads to creating an environment where we can create and run AI at an affordable price. We aim for a cycle whereby more users choose us because our service is cheaper, which is very important to us.

That is why we prioritize our three products: “DX suite” and “Learning Center,” which allow users to create AI, and “AI inside Cube,” which allows users to implement and use those AI immediately.

In addition to the above, we are currently working on implementing a feature to “share AI.” Until now, people would either use AI that we provided or build AI for their own needs. But if we create a marketplace where users can share AI, then one person’s work can be used by someone else.

From our point, users will be using the AI that we created, but then there would be a limit to how much we can provide. But I think that our service does not serve as a mere convenience tool; a platform that connects creators and users, thereby sparking supply and demand. We believe that through shared creations, different types of AIs can become a reality and tackle some of the greatest challenges in society.

AI inside is transitioning from a company that offers SaaS products to a platform that, by insourcing, the development and deployment of AIs, can offer services developed by other companies to the wider market.

To provide an AI platform

We have also announced the new management team to provide an AI platform. Please look forward to the future growth of AI inside.