Design Event to Spread UX Activities

Hello, this is Yoneyama of the AI inside Design Team. In April of this year, I joined the design team which was introduced in the last article “How I Built a Design Team in Remote Work Environment as a First Designer.” It’s my first time officially having the job title as a UX designer, even though it goes along with some of my previous experiences. As a new UX designer who joined such a newly set up design team, I’d like to share what I felt and the efforts I’ve made to see how the design team can significantly impact the company and improve UX than ever before.

After joining the design team

In the last article, the term “mutual understanding” was used multiple times. I have actually only reported to the office several times since I joined this company because I can fully work remotely. So, one of the major concerns was becoming isolated online. However, I now understand that I didn’t need to worry about it.

One of the first things that surprised me, in the beginning, was the number of meetings I have. Starting with onboarding right after joining the company, I had 1-on-1 meetings with each team member and participated in regular meetings with other units (departments). I was thinking of getting used to everything slowly, but unlike my thought, there was so much communication going on internally. However, thanks to this, I got a clear picture of what I can do to contribute to the team early. I don’t feel isolated, and I enjoy my daily work while interacting with different people from different backgrounds and specialties, nationalities, and missions. Within all of this, I was able to see what I can do to spread UX throughout the company.

“Design Week,” an internal design event to share the value of UX

One of the actions I took to deepen the concept of UX throughout the company was to hold an internal design event. The people I am working with now come from various countries and specialties, and I wondered if I could give back to the company by utilizing this strength. In addition to raising awareness of what the design team does and can do, I wanted to share with the entire company the basics of UX, such as why UX is essential now and about design thinking, which has become a buzzword. I wanted this Design Week to be an opportunity to share UX-based design thinking company-wide. Also, this Design Week aimed to have members in other units join and work together for future design works.

The overall schedule and workshop menu

I designed the program to increase the participation rate of AI inside members who are extremely busy with their work. I planned to have four sessions online with each lasting two hours, and make each session as concise and informative as possible.

The first session was an introductory lecture on “What is Design and UX?” The second to the fourth session was conducted as a workshop using Miro. In the workshop, participants can learn how to understand user issues, come up with ideas, and effectively communicate the resulting service.

Message conveyed at the company-wide kickoff. All elements that come into contact with the user become UX

In the end, we had over 90 participants, including members from overseas. I thought I’d start by having people enjoy and be interested in design and UX, but after Design Week, I received positive feedback from the participants in the survey, such as “I was able to reaffirm that the enlightened perspective and business ideas are based on the same principles” and “this became an opportunity to gain new insights into how important design is in creating business.” In addition, some members provided detailed feedback and thought seriously about design and UX, such as “I want to incorporate design thinking when thinking about strategy.”

We’re considering different internal workshops using our own AI services, and we hope that this Design Week will be the starting point to create new value by making connections between others across departments.

Photo taken after the session

These are some of the things I’ve tried to do to spread UX activities as a new UX designer. I feel that there is still a lot that I can do to spread UX more, but I feel a great sense of speed and satisfaction in realizing our plans. I would like to continue working to make the idea of UX more widespread throughout the company and to improve the UX of everyone involved with AI inside!

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This is the official account of AI inside Inc.

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