Creating Collaborative Opportunities: In-house communication at AI inside

AI inside Inc.
3 min readMar 14, 2022


AI inside, which continues to evolve as an AI platformer, continues to expand the company scope as the business grows. While all units are mainly working remotely, some members have said that it was hard to see what other units were doing or that the overall direction of the company was unclear. In response, we have enacted multiple in-house communication strategies at AI inside to create essential opportunities for collaboration and yield maximum company results. We would like to introduce some of those strategies here.

Deepen understanding and views of company strategies through communication with the CEO

1. CEO Onboarding

Every month, around the company’s start dates of the 1st and 16th, “CEO onboarding,” where incoming employees talk with CEO Toguchi, is conducted online at AI inside. CEO onboarding provides incoming employees with an immediate communication space where they can discuss with him, ask questions, and give suggestions. There are always various topics flying around, like AI inside’s vision, the future, culture, and Mr. Toguchi himself. Participants are mainly new employees, but it is an open space that older employees can join at any time as well.

In addition to this opportunity, employees can easily communicate with the CEO on a product or company strategy on our Slack channel, where both Toguchi and the employees can gain new awareness and deepen their understanding.

2. Company-Wide Meeting on Mondays

Every Monday, we have a company-wide meeting which is held online, where our CEO shares additional details on company strategy or the latest project updates. This serves as an opportunity to align everyone’s purpose toward realizing AI inside’s mission and vision in unity. During orientation, new employees introduce themselves to the company.

Place where the CEO and employees can converse interactively on business strategies

3. Quarterly All-Hands Meeting

In addition to the company-wide meeting, we hold an online “Quarterly All-Hands Meeting” to share the company’s strategy systematically with employees. Once a quarter, the CEO shares business progress based on the three-year plan, the progress of each project, major upcoming initiatives, and the results thereof.

During the meeting, questions are sent to the chat in real-time, and the CEO and related members answer in an interactive format. In surveys after the meeting, there are always many questions for the CEO, or positive comments stating that “it was a very beneficial meeting for being able to see what was happening in other units.” The CEO then responds to the comments with projections about future endeavors, enhancing the company’s overall understanding of its strategy.

4. AI inside Talk

“AI inside Talk” is an irregular in-house online event centered on CEO discussing with guests. Since it is often held during lunch breaks, the listeners casually tune in as if to the radio while eating their lunch. During the broadcast, the presenters and listeners interactively converse while exchanging comments in the chatbox on Zoom.

The themes of the latest “AI inside talks” are deeper dives into what was discussed at a “Quarterly All-Hands Meeting,” or talks between CEO Toguchi and CMO Sakito in line with their interests at that time.

At AI inside, we are currently enacting multiple in-house collaboration strategies and are constantly considering new ones to address the ever-changing circumstances. We plan to continue to update these strategies, so please stay tuned.

a scene from AI inside Talk