Creating A Culture to Achieve Our Vision

New Codes of Conduct, Workstyle, and Benefits

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6 min readMay 26, 2022


AI inside aspires to be the №1 global AI platform. With our vision of “AI inside X,” we want to introduce a form of AI that can be incorporated into “X=various environments,” to create a society where everyone can benefit from AI without even realizing it.

Internally, a team centered on our HR members has been working to change the mindset and structure of the company to realize our vision, and one of them is the renewal of the personnel system (evaluation and grading). In this article, we share the background and details of the renewal of our code of conduct “Rules of Innovation” and updated benefits.

Reforming the “Rules of Innovation” Codes of Conduct

To make more relevant to AI inside in its current state

The “Rules of Innovation” (abbreviated to ROI) is a code of conduct that describes how AI inside should act to use the power of AI platforms to address the world’s social issues. CEO Toguchi discusses the background and details of the establishment of the previous ROI here; it was created as a standardized code of conduct, unifying the direction of the members’ thoughts when the employees at that time were developing the pre-release “DX Suite” in 2016. At that time, the three rules of “User First,” “Be-Positive,” and “Stay Simple” were established. Since then, we have been building a culture and promoting our business based on these values and ideas.

Six years have passed since this ROI was enacted, and in laying the foundations for our company to be the global №1 AI platform, we have been increasingly meeting new challenges and issues head-on. In line with these changes, we have decided to reconsider the “Rules of Innovation,” reviewing them to make them more relevant to AI inside in its current state, which is the reason for this reformation.

Reforming to seven codes of conduct

With this reformation, four more rules were added to create seven codes of conduct. The lead text supplementing the explanation of the respective rules has also been updated, and you can view it on our Career Page.

User FirstWe make decisions that prioritize sustainable user value rather than addressing users’ short-term and surface-level needs.Think BigWe are connected beyond common sense and conventions through an ability to think deeply and make bold choices from a broad perspective.Stay SimpleWe pursue simplicity by focusing on the essentials, continually asking ourselves what is truly necessary to be done.Get MakingWe do not criticize ideas but discover the best solution by firstly prototyping, giving shape to the idea, and using this to test and refine.Respect & TrustWe build trust by respecting diverse values and communicating with each other with integrity and openness.Scale BeyondWe seek ways to achieve remarkable growth rather than optimizing the current situation. We create a more significant impact while collaborating with users and teammates across boundaries.Be PositiveWe are always looking for a better solution. By challenging ourselves with ingenuity and a curious mind, we expand our possibilities.

The order of the Rules of Innovation is also intentional, and the code of conduct emerges even more deeply when read in sequence.

correlation diagram of ROI

First, based on the assumption that we act from the standpoint of continuously improving value for our users (User First) when taking specific actions, we should think in a big, bold way (Think Big), with a mindset focused on the essentials (Stay Simple), and swiftly give a form to ideas (Get Making).

We aim to refine the prototypes created here through communication-based mutual respect (Respect & Trust) to go beyond the boundaries for cocreation and achieve extraordinary growth (Scale Beyond).

This series of actions should always be conducted with a positive mindset(Be-Positive).

The reformed “Rules of Innovation” will serve as benchmark indicators of new ways of thinking for everyone working at AI inside. What follows is a description of the attitude and culture that we would like to create here. Members can adopt the same mindsets and strive toward achieving the same goals, even if they have different roles and rarely see each other in person.

Updated Work Style/Welfare Benefits Package, “LIFT!”

Building a stable foundation upon which employees can work

As of this April, we have also updated our work style and welfare benefits package to create a culture in which we can achieve our vision. We added new policies and systems and released these as a package based on our existing welfare benefits. The trigger for this update came when we received feedback from employees regarding their working styles. The HR team wanted to provide an environment where employees could enjoy working with peace of mind toward the realization of a prosperous future society. We believe that each and every employee will experience self-growth through their work, which will lead to the growth of the company and the realization of the vision for which they all aim.

However, even if employees have a “desire to grow” and “create greater value,” they will not be able to grow if they are concerned about their future employment or health. In other words, it will not be possible to attain the society we desire in the future. From these thoughts, our HR team designed the Updated work style/Welfare Benefits Package, “LIFT!” to create an environment and platform wherein people may work in a stable manner regardless of the circumstances. The name of the package “LIFT!” also expresses the idea that rather than being satisfied with the present, we should “constantly be looking to raise our standards,” and named after the initial letters of “Learn,” “Implement,” “Flexible,” and “Tenderness.”

Creating an environment in which a more flexible work style can be realized

See the below for details on “LIFT!”.​​

This package comprises various categories, such as “flexible work style,” “health care support,” and “learning support.” We have chosen several of the new policies to share here.

⚫️Sick Leave/ Personal Leave

In Japan, it is common for companies to provide only annual leaves, but with this update in the benefits package, we now have sick leave and personal leave, in addition to the annual paid leaves. Employees can take days off to take care of not just themselves but family members and “family” will include de facto marriages, same-sex partners, and pets.

⚫️Work From Anywhere

In order to allow each individual to choose the most suitable work style for them, they can work from anywhere in Japan with no restrictions on where they live. As long as the transportation fee is within 150,000 yen/ month, employees can also report to the office via plane or rapid train.

⚫️Personal Growth and Development

This is an upgraded version of the existing book purchase program, which subsidizes half of the cost of “study/learning” related to current or future work. The program is not limited to books but covers a wide range of subjects including training courses, online schools, and certification acquisition.

As a part of creating a culture to realize our vision, AI inside made two updates in Spring 2022; our “Rules of Innovation” and the benefits package. We will continue to provide updates moving forward in line with company growth and societal changes.

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