Creating A Culture to Achieve Our Vision

New Codes of Conduct, Workstyle, and Benefits

Reforming the “Rules of Innovation” Codes of Conduct

To make more relevant to AI inside in its current state

Reforming to seven codes of conduct

User FirstWe make decisions that prioritize sustainable user value rather than addressing users’ short-term and surface-level needs.Think BigWe are connected beyond common sense and conventions through an ability to think deeply and make bold choices from a broad perspective.Stay SimpleWe pursue simplicity by focusing on the essentials, continually asking ourselves what is truly necessary to be done.Get MakingWe do not criticize ideas but discover the best solution by firstly prototyping, giving shape to the idea, and using this to test and refine.Respect & TrustWe build trust by respecting diverse values and communicating with each other with integrity and openness.Scale BeyondWe seek ways to achieve remarkable growth rather than optimizing the current situation. We create a more significant impact while collaborating with users and teammates across boundaries.Be PositiveWe are always looking for a better solution. By challenging ourselves with ingenuity and a curious mind, we expand our possibilities.
correlation diagram of ROI

Updated Work Style/Welfare Benefits Package, “LIFT!”

Building a stable foundation upon which employees can work



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