Are you Seriously Thinking About Becoming №1 in the World?

- CPO Appointment Interview-

Don’t be blinded to follow every voice of the customer

- Can you give us some background behind your decision to take on the role of CPO in addition to CEO?

- Why did you choose to become CPO in addition to your current role?

- How has getting involved as PdM worked out?

- Can you give an example of the type of things you were compelled to improve?

- Is there anything that has changed regarding the products?

Evolutions seen in the products are not“evolutions” yet

- ”DX Suite” has grown compatible with many semi-structured forms since its release in 2017. Will it continue to evolve in the future?

- How do you hope AI will be used?

To become the №1 global AI platform that will change the world

- Becoming №1 in the world sounds like a big goal, but is that really what you are aiming for? Can that really be realized?

- Will there come a day when you are no longer the CPO?



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