AI inside’s Internal Study Sessions by Employees

At AI inside, we have internal study sessions regularly. Most of the sessions held are planned and conducted by our employees voluntarily, taking into account the company’s situation and initiatives and considering what should be shared at that moment. In this article, we share details of some of our study sessions.

Study sessions were held more than ten times in three months

AI inside’s internal study sessions cover various topics, from training on management and law, briefings to better understand new services or functions when released, and knowledge sharing on techniques and businesses.

The sessions have been held over ten times in the past three months, and sometimes it’s conducted as often as six times a month. These are all organized voluntarily by employees, and participation is optional. Therefore, not all of us participate in all of them, but we often adjust our time to participate to gain the knowledge we need. As a result, the participation rates for each session are high. In addition, these study sessions are recorded and archived every time, so we have a system where those who cannot participate can also catch up after. New employees, in particular, are using the past videos and documents of the sessions to help catch up on work at an early stage.

Study Session 1: Understanding new services and functions beyond our scope of responsibilities

When new services or functions are released at AI inside, the employee in charge conducts an internal briefing. Not only do members of the sales department join, but also those working on other services and members of the administration department participate.

During the briefing, we are given an overview and explanation of what the new service can do and cannot do, the development progress, and prospects. In addition, after the briefing, there is a Q&A time where members actively ask questions. Often the communication made here leads to improvement of services and functions.

Aside from information related to our services, our members share lessons learned from our daily work through the study sessions, such as FAQs by customers and experiences of failure. Rather than keeping one person’s learning to themselves, passing it on within the company helps raise other members’ levels as an organization.

Study session held for new employees about the process of service development

Study Session 2: Enhancing the organization by sharing our knowledge internally

AI inside is a group of employees with experience in various specialized fields, working together to improve the user’s experiences. For example, an internal event “Design Week” was held the other day. One of our UX Designers planned the event to spread the concept of UX throughout the company, and as a result, more than 90 members participated.

Also, as a company that provides AI services, we need to have information on the latest technologies that are updated daily. Therefore, we hold study sessions where our engineers share the technologies which support our services and functions. Although there are many technical words used, anyone can participate. Even if you are not in charge of development, we use this as a learning opportunity to provide technical explanations to our customers to use our products safely.

Study Session 3: Opportunities for employees to think about the company’s strategy together

Aside from the opportunities we have to input information and knowledge from our management team, we have study sessions about the company’s strategy to understand more about our business model. Based on the words and sharings from our management team, we share them by breaking them down to a practical point of view, which promotes understanding throughout the company and leads to opportunities to think about them.

AI inside Platform Strategy

What’s common for all study sessions is that during the Q&A time, there are comments from various perspectives of each department, such as sales, R&D, design, and management, so there are many discoveries that we cannot find in only one’s area of responsibilities. Many employees join the sessions to learn these kinds of learnings.

At AI inside, there are many opportunities for learning and growth, and at the same time, we can create our learning opportunities. By organizing our own experience and knowledge and sharing it within the company, both employees and the organization have a lot to gain. We will continue aiming for synergy within the company, and leading it to our growth.

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AI inside Inc.

AI inside Inc.

This is the official account of AI inside Inc.

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