AI inside Rules of Innovation, Our Three Core Values

At AI inside, we have members from a wide age range of their 20s to 50s, various nationalities, and backgrounds. We are all in an equal position and value each other’s ideas, and in such a diverse organization, we have three values called “AI inside Rules of Innovation.” In this article, we will introduce each of these values one by one.

User First

Without users, services cannot exist.
Are you thinking from the user’s point of view?

With the user-first policy, we value the voices of our users above anything else. We work to return their voices to our products and services throughout the company. This is a value that we cherish even as the number of users increases.

Be Positive

Each and every daily action affects society.
Each action brings new value.
No action, however small, is meaningless.
Let us take pride and purpose in this.

It is essential for us to always think and act based on “what do we need to achieve this?” Our culture encourages us to take on challenges without being bound by the status quo to realize a richer future society. Therefore, we are moving forward every day, believing that each of our actions is a step toward influencing the people and society around us.

Stay Simple

Staying simple is difficult.
But staying simple is a pleasure.
Remember that innovation is always born from simplicity.

We should not forget that innovation is always born from pursuing.
Pursuing “simplicity” leads to innovation and the creation of the best products. Pursuing “simplicity” delivers the value of the products to the clients and enhances the products. So, we always ask ourselves at every moment of our work — Is this simple enough?

We work with members that are “good people”

During the recruitment process, what we have in mind is the characteristics of a “good person.” We have not defined what a “good person” is to our company, but our members have in common that they are humble and respectful to those around them. We are surrounded by positive, ambitious members and enjoy working in a rapidly changing environment.

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