3 Things We Wanted to Convey at Our Conference — AIIC 2021

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5 min readJun 2, 2021


On April 21st, AI inside held its first company-hold conference called AIIC (AI inside Conference) 2021.

During the conference, we announced the redesign of our visual identity and the new service “Learning Center’’ which enables no-code development of highly accurate AI models. We also announced the strengthening of the partnership with Dai Nippon Printing., Co., as we promote our “Learning Center” with them. As we announced three things to the public on this day, AIIC 2021 became an important milestone for AI inside.

In this article, we share three messages we wanted to deliver at AIIC 2021, along with the process leading up to the event, and details of the day’s event.

More than 700 viewers

This was our first time to hold AIIC. To deliver our new initiatives to as many people as possible, we made the event free and available to anyone who registered online. This time, AIIC was in Japanese only but we want to hold it with an English interpreter for future events. On the day of the event, more than 700 viewers accessed the conference.

1. “Learning Center” brings everyone to create AI without programing at low-cost

Our first message is that our new service, “Learning Center”, is to “Create” AI easily. “Create” is an important part of the theme of AIIC, which was “Create & Share — Changing the world with AI created by each and every person.”

We launched the alpha version of “Learning Center” in 2019 and with tens of customers using it. We have been developing it for the official release to April 2021, so we were able to release it at the timing we had targeted.

AI built by the “Learning Center”

This AI in the video was built by the “Learning Center.” This AI recognizes people and packages, which were built with the “Learning Center” as below.

How AI was built using the “Learning Center”

This video shows how AI was built using the “Learning Center” with simple inputs and clicks with GUI. (Click here for more details on the launch of “Learning Center”)

2. Partnership with Dai Nippon Printing., Co. to make AI for everyone

Our second message is that AI inside and Dai Nippon Printing., Co. (hereinafter called “DNP”) work together to make AI for everyone. DNP made a presentation at AIIC as a guest speaker and delivered a message to make AI for everyone.

AI inside and DNP has published press releases. Please read it for more details.

In addition, another company, Japan Legal System Institute, Inc. took a stage at AIIC. They also gave a valuable presentation on what the “Learning Center” can achieve, its value, and how it will be shared in our marketplace in the future.

As AI inside continues to move forward using the “Learning Center” and further strengthens partnership with other companies.

3. Towards an era where AI can be created and used by everyone, and the “Sharing” that lies ahead

Furthermore, “Share” in the AIIC theme represents the future beyond. AI inside plans to build a marketplace for sharing and selling AI created in the “Learning Center”, as well as acquiring and purchasing AI created by other users. By “sharing” AI on this marketplace, we aim to realize a society where AI is integrated into every corner of the world.

In our Platform Strategy, we aim to provide a marketplace to “share” AI so that users or AI Creators can sell or buy their AI. Our CEO explains our Platform Strategy in the article on AI inside Talk.

Designing the concept for better viewers’ experience

The first action we took was to design the concept of the conference. To make the viewing experience even better, the internal AIIC project team held a series of discussions and made decisions one by one.

Through all of the discussions, the title of the event was decided on “AIIC (AI inside Conference) 2021” with the theme of “Create & Share — Changing the world with AI created by each and every person.” AI inside will continue to hold AIIC regularly as a place for us to deliver new information, have people feel the potential of AI, and accelerate the infiltration of AI.

Planning, preparation, and the nervous day of the event

Once the concept and theme were decided, we planned the content and how to present them. We aimed to create content where our messages can reach our viewers as much as possible.

In addition to content planning, many AI inside members worked together across the company to promote AIIC 2021. We shared the details with our customers, invited them to participate, and prepared for the presentation. Since AIIC was the first to hold this type of event, we had a mixed feeling of nervousness and anticipation.

After many rehearsals and preliminary checks, the day of the conference finally came.

The members of the project team spent the morning at the streaming venue finalizing the equipment and presentations. Adjustments were made until the very last minute to make the conference even better. There was a sense of tension on site, as we finally unveiled what had been in preparation for so long.

From the survey that our viewers answered after the conference, many showed interest in the “Learning Center.” We also received inquiries from those who are considering the use of it for new AI applications.

AI is no longer something that only experts and engineers can handle. “An era where AI can be created and used by everyone.” For us to realize this, AI inside will continue to strive to provide a higher value platform.

Please look forward to our next AIIC.

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